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Set at the edge of the Pancaran River, amidst tropical landscaped gardens and under the moving shadows, RedDoor ball is the ultimate hideway in the quite village of Pererenan,Canggu.


Eat in Canggu: Where to go

Where to eat in Canggu can be quite a hard place to get: this is because there are various embarrassments that come with choosing from variety of options you are presented with.

There are very few people who are aware that Balinese Cuisine fall in the category of one of the oldest in the world, more than those found in china or Italy. The same way sun and surf are part and parcel if the daily life of the people of Bali, so is food and luxurious life which defines different classes of people. In Bali, there are restaurants, hotels and pubs that have attracted the rich, the business people, the famous and the wannabes.

There are many opportunities that have been presented by the Canggu area. The unique warung ethnic and the local items you can make choices on what type of cuisines you would wish to enjoy.

Where to eat in Canggu: Warung

In Balinese, Warung is another name for a small shop. Generally speaking, the warung are used to refer to the small restaurants that are run in the residential areas and along the streets.

The first day I landed in Warrung it was quite hard for me to make a choice on where to go eat in Canggu. I was so doubtful of the choices I wanted to make. I had no option rather than to follow the sweet aroma that was wafting in the air and drifted gobbling into my nose. I had to enter the local cuisine and get a nice taste of the spices that were in kitchen. I must say I liked it.

The friendly and talkative owner of the Warung and the waiters will make you feel at home. You will be welcome and you will have a real feel of a home environment. Here, you will order and type of food that you would wish to take. Nasi campur is eh dish I took on my first day in Bali.

From the outward look and the fragrance, nasi campur lured me to order it. I came to learn later on that it was a Balinese traditional dish. You in the warung, there is plenty of crunchy, hot and a handful fo rice. Meat also commonly known as tofu, eggs, and fish is available in plenty. For the vegetarians, they can have a taste of well cooked beans, cabbages, kales, spinach, carrots among other types of locally available vegetables. Spicy sauces will add flavor to your food.

Other types of food that you are likely to enjoy include:

  1. GadoGado
  2. BabiGuling
  3. NasiGoreng

After your dish, it is always advisable to take a glass or two bottles of water. To avoid contamination, make sure the water is always sealed in the bottle. To avoid stomach problems that normally come with taking types of food you are not used to, it is always good to take lactic acid few weeks prior to visiting other places so as to activate the bacteria and increase your immune system. For me, the food was very okay and I never had any stomach complications. I guess good hygiene of the hotels and restaurants in Bali was also the reason behind my healthy nature.

Where to eat in Canagu: meat

Naughty Nuris is definitely the best place I found out you could go and take meat. This is a luxurious restaurant that you will definitely enjoy at the end of the day.

Most probably, you will get accommodate a long with other people who had gone to Bali on a vacation the same way you had done. You will definitely like the fan that comes with knowing ne people. It is a nice experience! I must say I liked it.

It was so nice getting an adventurous experience with the man who was once my math’s teacher back in high school! It turned out to be the most adventurous and the best of my time.

Among the types of dishes that are recommended include grilled meat:

  1. Black Angus rib-eye steak
  2. Pork ribs
  3. Grilled chicken
  4. Chicken quesadillas

The best of all that will attract you here again is the fact that their prices are highly affordable. It is not like the expensive western food.

In Bali, people do not only go to eat but also take part in a number of activities like yoga, surfing, doing a mind purifying and relaxation not to forget meditation. However, exercises such as surfing and yoga would well be boosted with proper feeding habits.

If you are a vegetarian, you are not out of the list because there is still a variety of food for you to enjoy. There are adequate restaurants that offer a combination of the western vegetarian, traditional cuisine and a mix of vegetarian haute cuisine.

Although I do not like vegetables, I must say I really liked the Green Ginger. In addition to that, there was a full list of:

  • Tofu puffs
  • Red thai curry with rice
  • Khaopak yum thai
  • Sticky rice pudding mango

A bonus with the food bought here comes in form of flavor, well-cooked organic food that is offered to customers in a price they can afford.

Now you are aware of places where you can go to eat in Canggu and the type of food you expect to get. You cannot afford to miss.

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