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Set at the edge of the Pancaran River, amidst tropical landscaped gardens and under the moving shadows, RedDoor ball is the ultimate hideway in the quite village of Pererenan,Canggu.


Where were the Bali Nine executed?

The infamous story of the Bali Nine is proof that even paradise has a dark side. This bewildering tale of drug smuggling and executions made headlines around the globe, and is the first thing that comes to mind for many when they think about visiting the island. The disturbing case has been followed closely by…

Go vegan in Bali

The word vegan has always attracted a large amount controversy and most recent press with many celebrities such Leonardo Decaprio and Miley Cyrus joining suit. The word vegan seems to provoke strong and adverse opinions from the plant lovers and the meat eaters likewise…. But in the current global state and documentaries such as ‘what…

Bali sunsets

As the day closes in Bali, the question on most holiday maker’s lips is where shall we go for sunset? At 6pm sharp everyday, clouds stream across pretty pink skies. There are an array of beach bars and hotels offering spectacular views. We have rounded up our 10 favourite spots for you picture perfect Bali sunset….

Holiday Visa in Bali: everything you need to know

Holiday Visa in Bali is one those things we need to know when we decide to visit this beautiful island. Probably everybody knows that once you have arrived in Bali you can have a month holiday Visa at the airport. You only need to pay around 25 dollars (cash, no credit cards allowed). This holiday…

A trip to Tanah Lot

A trip to Tanah Lot is a must see when you visit Bali. The beautiful island of Bali in Indonesia has many popular tourists attractions and Tanah Lot is only one of them. Tanah Lot is only one of the popular recreational tourist attractions of Bali, and is definitely a must.

Cosmetic treatments in Bali

Cosmetic treatments in Bali Have you ever wondered why your friends returned from Bali looking refreshed and rested? And we don’t mean the kind of refreshed and rested that comes just from lounging by the side of the pool in the glorious Balinese sun. Like Thailand, Bali is starting to become a popular destination for…

Denpasar in Bali

Denpasar is a bustling city located in Bali, an island which is less than half the size of the greater metropolitan area of Sydney. There are a lot more people living in Bali than Sydney, which means the population is packed in tighter, and nowhere on the island is this more apparent than in the capital…

What you need to know about Balinese Ceremonial Culture

Balinese ceremonial culture is as colorful as the setting sun’s cascading rays over the Indian Ocean. While Bali’s religious history is Hindu, Indonesia as a whole is Muslim.  Hinduism is a mixture of Buddhism and Ritualistic “white magic”.

Where to eat in Canggu

Where to eat in Canggu can be challenging sometimes but only because you have so many places you can choose from. Few people know that the Balinese cuisine is one of the oldest in the world, older than the Italian or Chinese. The pleasure of food and good living are so ingrained in Bali as the surf…