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Jail in Bali is not a joke

Jail in Bali, is not a joke.  There are certain laws in Indonesia that will get you thrown in jail, while in your own country it may not be considered illegal.

Jail in Bali: Narcotics

What will get you thrown in Bali Indonesia jail? Narcotics found on your person.  Bali is known for it’s “no nonsense” approach regarding drugs on the island.

A 14 year old foreigner was caught with mariijuana. He is expected to be in jail Bali  for 5 years. Mind you this jail, isn’t set up for juveniles.

Then there is the famous case of Korby. A foreign woman caught in a drug trafficking ordeal. Was she guilty? Yes…

However, had the appropriate fees been paid in a time sensitive manner, she wouldn’t still be in Bali jail. That brings us back to the first reason for being put in jail, not paying bribes. There are such cases as drugs which are planted inside a person’s home or, property. These cases are difficult to fight, if you aren’t we’ll connected to the higharchy in Bali, even still you have to be in Bali jail, until you’ve been exonerated.

Jail in Bali: Bribes

bali bribesFailure to pay bribes is the fastest way for a situation to go from bad, to worse.  Utimately landing you in Bali jail.  Sadly, not all people being asked to pay bribes have broken a law.  Sometimes it’s just that they are westerners’ in a foreign country.

The most common bribe is the “traffic police” bribe. They stop foreigners for not wearing safety helmets when driving motorbikes. Not to say, a person shouldn’t be stopped for this driving safety offense, but it rarely happens to Locals.

There are certain checkpoints throughout town, which most expats know to avoid. There are even police who will drive up next to a motorbike driver and signal for them to pull over. All of this inconvenience can disappear, for a small fee. For the person who doesn’t have bribe money, trouble will ensue…

Jail in Bali: Believing you are above the law

Sometimes just being disrespectful will get you thrown in Bali jail. Which to say is a tough gig, considering Bali doesn’t have a law against public intoxication, or driving while under the influence of alcohol.

There are some foreigners who believe it is better to leave the scene of an accident, in order to avoid going to jail in Bali. This behavior is the backlash of the corruption occurring here. People seriously injured are left to their own devices when in an accident. However, if a person is caught doing this, there fate is worse than jail in Bali

In my humble opinion, which never seems to be humble, if you visit Bali, please be on your best behavior. The laws are present for a reason and, the above stated outcomes, were avoidable.

Not adhering to Bali laws are unforgiving within their society. With that, I leave you with one more thought, if you aren’t doing things to get in trouble, then you don’t need to concern yourself about the above information…

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