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Set at the edge of the Pancaran River, amidst tropical landscaped gardens and under the moving shadows, RedDoor ball is the ultimate hideway in the quite village of Pererenan,Canggu.


What do you need to know about Balinese Culture?

Balinese culture is unique and diverse. Bali is famous for its dance, drama, paintings,
handcrafts and sculptures etc. If you visit Bali, certainly you will see how much amazing the Bali culture is.

Do you know about Balinese dances and dramas?

Bali dances and dramas are ancient. Balinese dances are performed with religious and
artistic expressions of Balinese dancers. Balinese dances are nice, angular, dynamic
and expressive. Balinese dancers express the story of dance-drama with gestures, body gestures, hands, fingers and eyes movements.

Balinese dancers

If you go to Bali, Balinese dancers will show you various types of dances such as –
• kecak dance,
• legong dance,
• bumble-bees dance,
• barong dance,
• fire dance,
• shadow puppet,
• pendet dance,
• jogged dance,
• baris dance,
• kebyar dance,
• janger dance,
• topeng dance etc.

Among all the traditional dances in Bali, kecak, barong and legong are the top most famous dances.

Kecak dance is performed by hundreds of men. They sit in a circle with oil lamp in the
middle of the circle.  “Cak – Cak – Cak”, thus the chant starts and the men begin dancing and raise their hands to the sky.

Kecak Dance

Barong is called the ‘lord of the forest’. Rangda is Barong’s opponent, the evil witch.
Barong dances represent the eternal struggle between Barong (good) and Rangda (evil).

Legong dance is a classical Balinese female dance. A very young girl of 8 or 9 years is
considered as a legong in legong dances. The story of legong dance is symbolic and stylized, so know the story before watching legong dance.

Balinese dramas usually are performed in many ceremonies, and during the temple festivals. Have you ever watch Balinese dramas? If not, visit Bali to delight your heart and soul.

Balinese Drama

Balinese dances and dramas are not only entertaining but also enlightening. Each of
them has a certain message; try to perceive it.

Amazing beauty of Balinese Paintings

Will not I let you know the way to feel you surprised and soothe your souls?
Have you ever seen Balinese paintings?

If not, visit Bali to enjoy the artistic beauty of Balinese paintings. I think I am really a lucky guy because I saw their magnificent paintings.

Balinese Painting

Ubud, Sanur and Batuan are the most famous villages from where Balinese paintings
emanated. The Raja of Ubud was a great lover of arts and paintings. In his time, Ubud
became the centre of arts. Many renowned artists like Bonnet, Blanco, Snel,  Spies
came to Bali, and never thought to leave it. Ubud, nowadays have slight difference from
ancient Ubud.

Balinese Painting

Batuan artists are the god gifted artists. Batuan paintings often represent all fearsome nocturnal movements of spirits, monsters and witches, animals or people.

Sanur is a beach resort, located in the island of Bali. The early paintings of Sanur were black and white. Sanur paintings are not influenced by religious iconography.

The paintings of Bali are unique, creative and mind-blowing. The paintings are the means of mythological and religious ideas. If you see their paintings, you will understand that the paintings have really some exceptions. Balinese paintings represent

Balinese women, daily lives, mythical characters, nature, religion, spirits and many
others ideas.

Balinese Sculptures: The pieces of wonder

Balinese sculptures are really wonderful and magnificent. The sculptures include wood
carving, stones carving, steel sculptures etc. Bali wood carving is known as one of the
top most wood carvings around the world.

Bali Wood Carving

The sculptures of Bali represent human face, masks, gods and goddesses, spirits,
nature, animals etc.

You will be astonished to know that most of the sculpture artists have no prior education, but they do their work so perfectly that is tough to believe. It runs in their blood. They have outstanding capability and skills of giving shape to their beliefs and thoughts through the artworks.

Bali Stone Carving

Balinese Handcrafts

Balinese people have good reputation for their excellent handcrafts. Years after years,
the professional artists are creating handcrafts with their magical touch to objects.

Balinese Handcrafts

Balinese handcrafts represent the thoughts of Balinese people. They are the symbols
of aesthetic beauty and pride. Balinese people use natural and indigenous materials for
creating the handcrafts. You can buy the handcraft products at a reasonable price from
Balinese markets.

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