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Time well spent in Bali: Seminyak Highlife

Seminyak is an area in the heart of Bali featuring the coolest shops, bars and restaurants of the Island. I strongly recommend to spend some time in Seminyak which, trust me, will involve the good, the bad, and the things you hope don’t get posted on social media networking sites the following day.

Seminyak has become a melting pot of cultures, which can heighten your experience in Bali, with the addition to the expats, locals and tourists.

The good things about Seminyak

  • Spend some quality time watching the sunset on the beach in Seminyak, while enjoying some cold drinks or a tasty dinner.
  • The vast selection of lounges and restaurants help to expand on your experience; bar and eating venues can range from a relaxed barbecue to five-star restaurants.
  • High fashion shopping, one beautiful boutique after another are perfectly placed in the Oberoi area.
  • The high-end spas are such a treat, each one specializes in a specific treatment, and always adds to a time well spent in Seminyak.

The “not so good things” about Seminyak

  • Traffic, yes it can have you organizing your day according to the traffic flow. However, once you reach your desired location you will realize it was totally worth it.
  • A large amount of tourists in the area may at times can be daunting. Seminyak is a small area, but bustling like a little city.
  • The constant offer of motorbike rides by locals while you walk down the street. Yes, it is extremely annoying, however, a polite “no thank you”, should suffice.

The things you hope don’t get posted on FaceBook the following day.

Everybody knows that moment when you begin to feel free while on vacation, and the understanding that no one knows you only encourage this thought. Things may happen when your guard is down. Sadly there always seems to be the “wall flower” in your group that thinks it’s a good idea “to get this in a photo, or film”.

No one wants to include anyone who might hinder their time well spent in Seminyak. This could be used as “blackmail” material later on in life. If you happen to be getting married, and you decide to celebrate your bachelor, or bachelorette party in Seminyak, take my advice, don’t invite the wallflower/savvy photographer friend, or even better gather incriminating evidence against them in order to keep them quiet…

  • Dancing with perfect strangers is wonderful, having it posted on fb page, not so much…
  • Chatting up a lovely lady at the bar, then to have her whisper in your ear she would like to leave the bar, and you can join her, for a “small fee”. I’m not talking tacos either, not a good thing to be photographed, especially when you learn the “lady” was actually a “lady boy”…
  • Getting stopped by the police, it’s never a good thing, but must your friends video your experience?

The most important thing is to enjoy yourself

I’ve fallen victim to the savvy photographer friend, who thought it was clever to photograph me directly after I had jumped into a pool at a wedding reception, in a white silk dress… you get the picture, a flash made an already transparent situation, more so.

For safety precautions, and to ensure a great time in Seminyak, invite friends who are blind or deaf…

3 Responses

  1. Leonie says:

    Hi Monica. I was searching the internet for information about cosmetic procedures in Bali when I came across your posts. They are certainly very interesting and you sound as though you might be able to steer me in the right direction. I am currently going through a long term marriage break up and really need some ME time. I am very interested in having a few cosmetic procedures done in Bali but as I have never been before I am very nervous about making any decisions. I wonder if you could recommend anyone or anyplace. Any help would be much appreciated. I hope this email gets passed on to you ok.

  2. Georgina Parker says:

    Hi there Monica,,, I would like a nose surgery,, and the top eyelit done too..put first I would like to no how much this will all cost ,, as my husben and I going to be over in Bali in August 2014. my husben would like to get a new set of top false teeth done ova there ,could you please let me no on the price of his teeth as well.
    we travel over to bali for our holidays every year .WE LOVE BALI .

  3. Ahmed Sofyan says:

    interesting posts. Seminyak is one of the tourist destinations in Bali with a wide range of accommodation and activities that are unique and interesting. One that attracted me was the resort and traditional dwelling in Seminyak Bali. very nice and gives a feel of its own. nice share. thanks.

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