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Holiday Visa in Bali: everything you need to know

Holiday Visa in Bali is one those things we need to know when we decide to visit this beautiful island. Probably everybody knows that once you have arrived in Bali you can have a month holiday Visa at the airport. You only need to pay around 25 dollars (cash, no credit cards allowed). This holiday Visa can be extended for an extra month 7-10 days before its expiring date by going to the immigration office (Kantor immigrasi) at the Ngurah Rai airport. You can reach it really easily, by car, scooter or taxi; it’s on the cargo area on the left hand side from the entrance. Don’t forget to take with you your passport, two copies of the page with your photo and the one with the stamp of your entry, together with a copy of your return ticket.
When you arrive in the area for the public you will need to simply follow this steps:

  1. Go to the payment counter (kasir), which is located on the left side. Here you can get the form to fill for the extension of the holiday visa (formulir untuk perpanjangan izin kunjungan).  You will get a yellow envelope as well.
  2. Fill up the form with all your personal info, your domicile address, your passport details and the exit day (make sure you don’t make mistake with the calculation of the 30 days). Do not fill up the fields related to the sponsor. You don’t need an invitation letter or photos. Only your passport. Keep 6.000 Rp handy for the stamp.
  3. Write on the yellow envelop your name and surname.
  4. Hand the envelop with all the rest (passport copies, application form) to the counter.
  5. You will get a receipt with the invitation to the day you will have to get back
  6. When you will get back on the day indicated and show the receipt. Wait for them to call you back and pay 250.000 Rp for the tax
  7. Take the receipt to the other counter. At this stage you might have to wait for a bit. Sometimes they ask you to come back in a few days. In any case once you get your passport back make sure you double check the stamps and the dates. Finally you have extended your holiday visa in Bali for an extra month.

For those that don’t want to go through this entire process I suggest to get in contact with an agency. They will charge you around 600.000 Rp and in a week you will have your passport back. There is another holiday visa in Bali, which you can get for six months. It is the Social Visa. This Visa allows you to enter into Bali without the need of applying for a Visa on arrival. The social visa for Bali is a single-entry visa. This means that you can go to Bali without the need of applying (and paying) for a new visa but if you go out you will need to apply for a new one. This Visa is valid for 2 months and can be extended up to 6 by going to the immigration office at the airport and following the same procedure of the holiday visa in Bali.

The procedure is really simple:

  1. Go to the Indonesian embassy in your country
  2. Bring your passport, one photo, your return ticket, the invitation letter from an Indonesian citizen with the copy of his/her ID
  3. Fill up the form with all your personal info. Make sure you have a domicile address in Bali.
  4. Depending on the country you will need to pay a small fee (around 50usd).
  5. Hand all the papers at the country, they will check if all the info are correct and give you a receipt with the day to come back.
  6. Usually after 10 days you can get back and pick up your passport with the social visa for Bali.

Even in this case you can talk to a travel agency to do everything for you. In my experience I think the best is to do it by yourself. It’s simple, fast and very cheap. Now you are ready to enjoy Bali for as much (almost) as you want without being stressed about your visa.

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