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YKPA: Charity Foundation in Bali

Charity foundation in Bali is one of those things we should all support.
Today we would like to talk to one in particular: YKPA.

5 years ago, YKPA (Yayasan Kasih Peduli Anak / Foundation for the love and care of the children) founder Putu Etiartini decided to find out more about the children who beg in the streets. She decided that the only way to gain their trust was to be among them. She spent numerous late nights and early mornings on the streets of Kuta (not one of the most friendly place in the world) to discover this plague and get the children trust.
They let her into their world where she learned of their hunger, exhaustion, fear and abuse.

The needs of these abounded children have taken Putu to organize a project called “school and food”:Every Saturday, on Kuta beach the kids can take simple writing classes. Usually there are around 35 of them. Sometimes the children, tired, sick and exhausted, ask Putu to get shelter for a night.

Based on this need she created the YKPA. For 5 years, even for few days, the children can find shelter and someone who takes care of them.

With time some of these kids have asked Putu to stay with her and live with her. This is not a simple process, as Putu has to go through a negotiation with the family or the bosses that don’t get the money from the begging of the children.

Luckily, some of the parents have agreed to leave the kids to the amazing care of Putu and the YKPA.

Currently more than 30 children live at the YKPA where they can attend school and they are supported, thanks to the many volunteers. Also they have classes for:

  • English
  • Acting
  • Yoga
  • Sport
  • Painting
  • Balinese dance
  • Swim

All this activities have the objective to strengthen every kid’s individuality.

YKPA also host children with serious health problem. Recently one little kid had a surgery to her spine and they had to amputate one foot. Very generous private donators of the association have paid all the medical expenses.

HIV prevention is another important activity taken by the YPKA as being street workers the kids are most often also sexually abused. From last May the house, thanks to donation, has managed to rent the place next to the main building in order to have more kids.

Putu never stops to thank all her donators with a little sparkle in her eyes, but everybody has to remember that this is just a drop in the ocean and most has yet to be done to send the kids to school and live a childhood like every other kid.

For those that want to help YKPA accept donation and voluntary activities.
Also you can sponsor one of more kids.
The children and Putu invite you to go and meet them

To visit their website.

A word  of advice for tourists

NEVER give money to the children the streets, remember that every time you do it you support the criminal activity that force them to be there.

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  1. Dana Michell says:

    Amazing story! What an incredible person. Great website.

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