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Set at the edge of the Pancaran River, amidst tropical landscaped gardens and under the moving shadows, RedDoor ball is the ultimate hideway in the quite village of Pererenan,Canggu.


The Best Bali Surfing

Bali surfing is the main attraction of why many expats live in Bali.  Most began coming to Bali on surfing trips, during their teens.  Eventually, some even progressed to becoming sponsored, or pro surfers.

Naturally this made Bali surfing the perfect place for sun worshiping. While there are different levels of skill with surfers, each beach has it’s advantage towards achieving the best wave.

Bali surfing: Waves for your skill level

  • Kuta Beach: Beginner/ Intermediate /Experience Surfers

kuta surf

This beach has good wave for surf activities including surf lesson where the beginner surfer up to professional have ever experienced. The beauty of this beach is complemented by the spectacular sunrise that creates the romantic nuance that alluring every visitor. The best season for surfing adventure at Kuta Beach is on dry season it is because the flows from the southeast to the west and create the good wave for Bali surfing.

  • Echo Beach in Canggu: Intermediate /Experience Surfers

tugu surf Echo Beach is a famous surfing point in Bali situated in west of Denpasar City favored by the big and powerful wave that suitable for Bali surfing adventures. This beach is also featured by the amazing panorama to the Indian Ocean, white sandy beach stretch from Seminyak Beach extending to the west side and good access that very easy to reach it.


  • Uluwatu in the Bukit: Pro-Surfers Skill

uluwatu surfThis famous surfing point in Bali has been able to lure the surfers to take a part of this adventure with a wide selection of the great wave and beautiful beaches. We are proud to provide this information for you and invite you to join the Bali surfing adventures at the best surf points in the island of paradise. These surf points spread across from the east coast to the west of the island and all are situated in south part of Bali Island.

Bali surfing: Surfing Tours

For the surfer that is inexperienced, Bali thrives with a number of surfing tours.  Most offer surfing packages at reasonable prices.  There are so many Bali surf breaks, you can’t surf them all.  But if you wish to utilize your time while Bali surfing, I suggest having a proper instructor.


I was told by surfer Troy Sinclair, “Bali surfing humbled him, whenever he was feeling too full of himself.   Mothernature would put things back into order for him, once a wave of two came crashing down on top of him.”“Bali surfing is an integral part of Oakley’s DNA and we are proud of our six year legacy in Indonesia,” Scott Bowers, Oakley SVP Global Sports Marketing, said. “We have hosted a number of specialty surfing events in Bali from surf shop challenge and pro junior events to crowning the ASP World Junior Champion last year and we are eager to take the next step in this evolution. Not only is the Balinese coastline known for its wealth of high performance waves, but the rich culture and enthusiasm for the sport of  Bali surfing make it the perfect location for the inaugural Oakley Pro.”

surf baliI’m not a surfer myself, but I do enjoy watching it.  The majority of the Bali surfing tourism is a worldwide attraction.  When you come to Bali, are treating yourself to a visual, physical, and spiritual journey…

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