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Balinese religion: great things to know

Balinese is one of the unique cultures of the world. Among the things that make Balinese people to be proud of it is because of its combination of:

  • Tradition
  • Religion
  • Spirituality
  •  Art

Balinese religion

Great deals of people consider religion as the art. In addition to that, there is that likelihood that makes the Balinese people to be seen as devoted artist in one way or the other. This is because most of them spend great deals of their time in in applying all their artistic skills and images. Most of the artistic works and images have been passed down from one generation to the other. This is a clear indication that the people are very proud of their way of life and this is the reason as to why they would like to store their culture through passing their practices to the younger generation. The advantage with the passing of culture is that even the young people have been able to grasp their traditional practices and beliefs very fast.

Ways to express Balinese culture

Ways to express Balinese culture is one of the most adored activities in this region. When I was in Bali, I noted that the culture and practices are expressed in a number of different but beautiful ways. Intricate drawing is one wonderful way through which people get to restore their culture in Bali. Superb weaving and extra ordinary cravings using woods, stones, precious stones, clay among other materials are ways through which the culture is expressed and passed down from generation to generation. Thousands of shrines and tombs have been covered with rice decorations. This is also a unique and goo way of expressing the love for their culture. It really makes the island lovelier than any other place in the world. The artistic design and the religious artifacts make people from different parts of the world to come and pay homage to the awesome cultural practices of Bali. It is quite a wonderful experience to interact with the Balinese people and share with them their cultural values.

One thing people have to understand is that Balinese culture is characterized by events which look complex but attractive in nature. Adaptability and diversity forms part and parcel of the Balinese culture. A common concept among the Balinese people is the central dictum which brings about the idea of;

  • Desa
  •  Kala
  • Patra

This means the people of Bali have a culture that is deeply rooted on the idea of time, place and situation which is represented consecutively by Desa, Kala and Patra. This is a traditional point of view which is meant to incorporate and blend the new traditions with the old in a very harmonious way.

The concept of sekala and niskala in balinese culture: Niskala and Sekala

There are two main cultural concepts in Bali. They include:

  • Sekala
  • Niskala

Within the culture, there is also the Niskala, which means eternal and sekala, which means material. Reality si normally associated with materials and as well as external realms. The two concepts exist hand in hand with the other one. It is believed that the happenings and the events taking place in the world comes as a result of the interaction of Niskala and Sekala.

Temple festivals in Bali

In each and every year, all the villages hold colorful ceremonies to celebrate the religious activities. There can be more than one religious festival at any one time or season of the year to commemorate events which take place in the temple. In addition to that, the religious festivals are accompanied by celebrations of passage of people from childbirth, puberty, initiation, courtship, marriage to death. Among these temple festivals in Bali include the:

  • Nyepi
  • Kuningan
  • Galungan

There is that season of the year that every person in regions keeps silent and closes down in a great fear that of the evils spirits which are believed to be flying from the sea across the island. At this juncture, you now begin to understand the vital role that is played by the religion in Bali.

Hindu Dharma: the basis of Balinese culture

The day to day activity of the Balinese people including their art and culture is based on the strong bond that emanates from the Hindu people. This Hinduism system that is adapted by the Balinese people is commonly known as Hindu Dharma. This is a concept that is believed to be closely linked to java which was so powerful during the Zenith era is a good example of religion and social framework of the Balinese people. This is a religious belief that is found in no any other region of the world apart from the Bali Island. Strange folklore, animist beliefs that is mixed with Hindu is among the clear manifestation of the Mahabharata and Ramayana practices that have been for a long period of time cooperated into the Balinese culture. Classical dance and dramas greatly characterizes the cultural practices in this region. If you visit Bali and you would wish to catch a glimpse of their practices, you should be very well prepared because you will definitely be lured to spend much time more than the way you had intended. It is truly a place where every person would wish to spend his or her time. Learning the Balinese customs was great fan and that is why I also had to take two more weeks there on top of my whole month vacation. There is a lot to learn. You should make Bali your next holiday destination.

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