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Set at the edge of the Pancaran River, amidst tropical landscaped gardens and under the moving shadows, RedDoor ball is the ultimate hideway in the quite village of Pererenan,Canggu.


Bali: The Place of Enchantment and Enlightenment

The beautiful Indonesian Island of Bali amuses thousands of tourists every year. Bali’s varied landscape, verdant flora, vibrant culture, warm, and stunning beaches will definitely come across your mind.  A tour to Bali isn’t just about enjoyment, relaxation, fun and rejuvenation.

Indeed, it is a knowledgeable experience that will have great impact on your life. The sweet memories of visiting Bali often flash upon in my mind, and my mind delights with joy.

Where to visit at Bali

In vacation time, you can happily have a tour to Bali. There are lots of beautiful places in Bali, especially in Canggu. Canggu is a scenic and charming coastal village in Bali. I have visited around many places in Bali, among them Canggu is the best indeed.

Canggu is highly renowned because of its properties such as Bali luxury villas, beachfront resorts, hotels, cottages etc. The luxury villas offer you a variety of styles, surrounding views from many places of Canggu. Bali villas in Canggu are attached by Balinese roof, carved pillars, private swimming pool, private gazebo area, day bed etc. The most noticeable thing is that the villas of Bali use traditional elements, latest technologies and modern comfort that soothe body and soul of the visitors. I saw many villas at Bali, all are good but among them Red Door Bali Luxury Villas are the best. You certainly will feel as if you have entered into a paradise if you have ever been there.

You can visit Pura Tanah Lot. I became very amazed and spellbound when I first visited the temple. It’s a wonderful temple on the rock near the sea shore. You certainly will enjoy the sunset in that place.

The beautiful beaches of Bali will enchant your mind not only in the visiting moments, but also in the moments when you recollect the sweet memories. Visit Pantai Berawa, it’s a wonderful cozy beach with great waves. It is great place for surfing and enjoying sunset.

I spent some hours in front of Canggu beach. I just said ‘wow’ and left spellbound to see the nice environment of the beach.  The sand of the beach is different from other beaches, and it has various colors.

You can visit Pantai Batu Mejan. It’s also known as Echo beach. Like me, Echo beach is a very favorite place for tourists. If you want to enjoy a vacation especially with your friends, Echo beach is best for you. Walk in the sea beach area to enjoy the nice views of ocean and the roar of waves. During night, you can have a nice party with kebabs, barbecues and cold bottle of beer near Echo beach.

Visit Bali Equesttrain Centre. It is the cleanest stable I have ever seen. I had been there several times and enjoyed the superb riding facilities there.

You can visit Monkey forest in Ubud. When I visited to money forest, I enjoyed a different amazing green world where I saw big dragons, naughty monkeys and sacred temples.

Visit Canyoning to enjoy nice waterfalls. Tirtha Empul Temple is famous for its holy water. Hindu Bali people use this water for purification. I passed amazing moments when I visited Mother Temple of Besakih, because in Bali it is the largest temple of Hindu religion.

Where to eat in Bali (Canggu)

When I first visited Canggu, I went into a warung. The food items are comparatively cheap in warung. Warungs are actually small restaurants. In Warung, you will find Balinese dishes such as nasicampur, nasigoreng, gadogado, babiguling etc.

I ate meat at Naughty Nuris. I enjoyed various food items at Naughty Nuris. Grilled chicken, pork ribs, chicken quesadillas, Black Angus rib- eye steak etc are very tasty food items of Naught Nuris.

If you are a vegetarian, you can easily find vegetable food items in restaurants. The foods are organic, well flavored and delicious. You can eat delicious tofu puffs, red thai curry with rice, khaopak yum thai etc at a cheap price.

The things you must know about Balinese Culture

Bali attracts me for its renowned and diverse culture. I have known about their reputation in every aspect of culture. Balinese are famous for their good performance in arts, sculptures, handcrafts, paintings etc.

I enjoyed the dances of Balinese dancers. They know kecak dance, barong dance, pendet dance, legong dance, bumble bees dance, baris dance, kebyar dance, janger dance, fire dance etc.

Balinese people enjoy many kinds of festivals and events such as Galungan, Bali spirit Festival, Bali Arts Festivals, Bali Kite Festivals, Bull Races, Sanur Village Festival, Nusa Dua Festival, Ubud Writers and Readers Festival etc.

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