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Set at the edge of the Pancaran River, amidst tropical landscaped gardens and under the moving shadows, RedDoor ball is the ultimate hideway in the quite village of Pererenan,Canggu.


BALI! The Piece of Paradise in Earth


  • Are you planning to go out on a vacation?
  • Cannot decide where to go?
  • Won’t you want to pamper yourself in an amazing place where you will find mountains, beaches, temples, forests, parks, waterfalls etc; and modern facilities such as luxury villas, free WIFI internet, private pool, spa, shops etc?

I know a wonderful place where you will get all these facilities. Yes, it is Bali! I visited Bali twice; I want to go there again and again. It is not only the charms of places that attract me; the diversity of Bali culture also attracts me like a magnet.

The best surfing spots in Bali

I stayed at Canggu for a week, and I found the village contains many enchanting places to visit. Canggu has the best surfing places in Bali.

You must visit Canngu beach, Pantai Batu Mejan (Echo Beach), Pantai Berawa, Pantai Batu Bulan to enjoy the blue sea waves, the beautiful color of sands and to enjoy surfing. The fresh and mind blowing environment of the beaches will make you delighted that you have never been before.

Besides Canggu visit Kuta Reef, Medewi, Balangan, Bingin – these are also one of the best surfing spots in Bali.

Nice temples in Bali

Bali is known as island of the Gods. For years, the nice and ancient temples of Bali have been attracting visitors.

I visited three temples – Pura Tanah Lot, Tirtha Empul Temple and Mother Temple of Besakih. Each of them is different and unique masterpiece.

Mountain, waterfall, forest, park in Bali

Visiting Mount Agung was an amazing experience. It is a holy site in Bali. It is challenging to climb in the mountain. Visit Mount Agung; but I suggest you do not climb it during the rainy season, because in rainy season heavy winds blow. You must climb it with a guide.

Canyoning is a nice waterfall that you must visit to enjoy the natural beauty of it. Visit West Bali National Park, Monkey Forest, Amlapura, Bedugul – these are also the best enchanting places I have ever seen.

Where to shop in Bali

Before visiting Bali, you must know where to shop. In Bali, you will find many places that are famous as shopping centers. Like me, many visitors buy the things that belong to Bali, because the stuffs have some unique qualities.

You can shop in Kuta Beach. You will find plenty of art shops there. They sell Balinese crafts. In Kuta Beach, you will find Discovery Shopping Mall. From the shops in Kuta Beach, you also can buy bikini swimwear, flip flops, surfboards, surf wear and mountain wear etc.

You can buy from Legian Beach; here you will find lots of boutiques and art shops. Like me, Legian Beach’s traditional Balinese clothing attracts tourists. It is famous for shoe shops and jewelry shops.

In Nusa Dua Beach, you will find The Bali Collection. It is a famous international shopping complex. There are many Balinese art shops from which you can choose artworks.

Sanur Beach is famous for its art shops, antiquities, boutiques etc.

If you are really an art lover, you must shop in Ubud. In Ubud, you can buy from Sukawati Art Market. It is one of the largest art markets in Bali.

Semniyak Beach is famous for its unique furniture, boutiques, contemporary artworks and handicrafts etc.

Where to stay in Bali

To stay in Bali, I found no other place better than Canggu (the beautiful, coastal village in Bali). Canggu is famous for its luxury villas. The luxury villas are a good combination of traditional Balinese culture and modern culture. I saw many villas, among them I choose the best one for me.

Yes, it is Red Door Bali that soothed my body and soul by providing me great facilities. I felt as if I were in paradise when I first entered into Red Door Bali. It provides comfortable accommodation, body and soul soothing spa facilities, private garden, private pool, free WIFI internet access and many other great facilities. To know the services and facilities of Red Door Bali visit (

The things you must know

I ate at the restaurants of Canggu. You can eat at warung (these are the small restaurants in Bali) to enjoy traditional Balinese dishes such as nasicampur, nasigoreng, gadogado etc. For eating meat you can ate at Naught Nuris where you will get grilled chicken, pork ribs, chicken quesadillas and many other tasty food items at a reasonable price. If you are a vegetarian, you do not need to worry about it; because at the restaurants of Canggu, there are available vegetable food items.

In Bali, do not forget to enjoy the traditional Balinese dances. Indeed, Balinese dancers are very famous in performing dances. Bali people have good reputation in sculpture and paintings too.

During the vacation, if you face any Balinese festival, join it. The festivals are not only for enjoyment but also for gathering knowledge.

Bali is one of the best gifts of nature. It is a piece of paradise in earth.

Good luck in touring!

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