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Bar Service

RedDoor’s world class beverage and bar service ensures all guests enjoy their Bali getaway the way they ought to.

Sit back, relax or swim in the pool and enjoy a wide selection of cocktails, drinks and snacks, prepared onsite by our attentive staff.

Enjoy the same level of hospitality you would find in world-renowned Bali resorts in Seminyak, Kuta and Nusa Dua in the privacy of your very own secluded sanctuary.

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Long Drink

· Americano, (campari, sweet vermouth, martini, soda water)
· Cuba Libra, (myers rum, lime, coke)
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· Tequila Sunrise, (tequila grenadine, OJ)
· Singapore Sling, (dry gin, cherry brandy, lime JC, dom benedictine, grenadine, soda water)
· Mai Tai, (bacardi, myers rum,curacao orange, amaretto, OJ, pineapple JC, grenadine)
· Gin Fizz, (dry gin, lime JC, sugar syrup, egg white, soda water)
· Manhattan, (bourbon canadian whisky, sweet vermouth martini, bitter)
· Pina Colada, (bacardi, malibu, coconut cream,sugar syrup, fresh pineapple)
· Long Island Ice Tea, (vodka, bacardi, tequila, dry gin, lime JC, coke)
· Illusion, (midori, vodka, galiano, sprite)

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· B-52, (kahlua, baileys, cointreau)
· B-53, (kahlua, baileys, vodka)
· Tequila Shot
· Slippery nipple, (baileys, sambuca)

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· Margarita, (tequila, triple sec, lime)
· Capirosca,  (vodka, brown sugar, fresh lime)
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· Capirinha, (bacardi, white sugar, fresh lime)
· Mojito, (bacardi, white sugar, fresh lime, mint leave, soda water)
· Virgin Mojito, (fresh lime, white sugar, mint leave, soda water)
· Bloody Mary, (vodka, tomato JC, lime JC, tabasco, salt, pepper, celery)
· Strawberry Daycury, (bacardi, lime JC, fresh strawberry, sugar syrup)
· Daycury, (bacardi, lime JC, sugar syrup)
· Screw Driver, (vodka, orange JC)
· Strawberry Crush, (pineapple liquor, sweet sour, rum, fresh strawberry)
· Black Russian, (vodca, kahlua)
· Cosmopolitan, (cointreau, lime JC, cranberry JC)
· White Russian, (milk, vodca, kahlua)
· Harvey Wall Banger, (vodca, galiano, OJ)
· Brandy Alexander,  (brandy, cream, cream de cacao brown)

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After Dinner Drinks

· Flaming Sambuca
· Cointreau
· Tia Maria
· Drambuie
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· Grand Marnier
· Kahlua
· Baileys
· Irish Whisky

Please note RedDoor Bali will complete all of your required shopping at a fixed surcharge for your convenience.


Phone  :  +62 811 3866041
Whatsapp  :  +628113866041
Email  :
Address  : Canggu, Jalan Pantai Pererenan
Gang RedDoor 6
Banjar Delodpadonan
80531 Mengwi Badung Bali

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is included in the rates?

A. The rates includes:
· 2,200 sqm villa and private park
· Full staff assistance
· Personal chef
· Personal butler
· Baby sitting
· Breakfast
· Airport return transfer
· Hi-speed Wi-Fi
· Complimentary local mobile phones

Q. We will need transport throughout our stay, does RedDoor arrange a driver and what is the cost?

A. The RedDoor staff can assist with booking a car with a driver for short or long term stays. Our manager will provide a quote on prices and types of vehicles available from our suppliers, based on your needs.
Cars should be booked in advance and paid onsite when required.

Q. What is the fee to have food cooked by the personal chef? Is there a fixed fee in addition to the cost of the produce?

A. The personal chef is at your service, free of charge, throughout your stay. Upon arrival, our team will discuss any meal, beverage and snack requests, before purchasing from local markets at cost price. Guests are presented with a comprehensive menu, which can then be prepared by our chef or by guests, if desired.
An organic herb and vegetable garden is also located within the RedDoor property for guests to use at their leisure.

Q. Is there air conditioning in the bedrooms?

A. All rooms are equipped with:
· Air conditioning
· Desk
· Balcony
· Television
· King Bed
· DVD/CD Player
· Shower – separate
· Linen and Towels
· Room Safe
· Wireless Internet

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